Our Team

Charged with carrying out the mission of Degima, is a Technical Department, formed by a young and dynamic team, and a Production Department, formed by highly qualified professionals.

We have a staff of over one hundred and twenty individuals (during peak times) and 70 persons average, and large facilities equipped with modern machinery. This means we are able to manage and develop the most ambitious projects.

Technical Department:

From our first contact with a client during the time of tender, through the complexion of projects, our office provides technical collaboration with the client. This collaboration facilitates both the optimal implementation of specific orders, and allow us to support our clients in their turn-key projects in areas including design work, engineering development and suggesting innovative and effective ideas, all with the aim of improving both the manufacturing, and quality of the final products, and hence customer satisfaction. All of our technical collaboration is performed in accordance to our Quality Assurance System / ISO 9001-2008, certified by Bureau Veritas.

Production Department

With a workforce of over 100 experienced professionals in peak times, and a 60 professional’s average, Degima brings to the manufacturing process, a team of highly qualified and experience professionals, welders, fitters and boiler makers, and other personnel specialized in manufacturing and assembly processes.

Degima promotes stability of the workforce in order to achieve a high degree of expertise in their workers, and promote lifelong learning in their work processes and areas Occupational Prevention, Quality and the Environment, with the objective of obtaining highly professional skills, according to the demands of the current market.

Thanks to our team we get high quality results and are capable of effectively meeting current regulations and customer demands.