Empowering knowledge with the University of Cantabria

21 January 16

Degima has officially become a member of the University of Cantabria -Business forum, actively participating in acts of dissemination of R + D + i, trying to share their experiences and knowledge.

Among the activities that have been carried out so far, Luis San Segundo (partner and CFO of the company) held a talk at the Campus of Industrial Engineers at an event organized by the Rector, on knowledge transfer between universities and Industries. At the ceremony, attended other representative industries from Cantabria such as Solvay, Nestlè and BSH.

Likewise, there has been another lecture at the Campus of Civil Engineering, in which DEGIMA exposed his involvement in various reknown international projects concerning the field of Marine Renewable energies.Other industries of the region such as Dynasol (Repsol) participated in this forum.