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Degima, S.A. provides shipbuilding and repair, construction and conversion, offshore fabrication, industrial manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management and quality and technical services. Degima specializes in Technical Management and Execution of Welding and Boiler Making projects, for the Industrial, Civil, Maritime/Naval and Renewable Energy sectors.  From plans to delivery to a final product, Degima is your one stop solution.


Degima works in large-scale industry projects, either directly with their customers, or through engineering companies.

Shipbuilding, Waterborne, Retrofitting and conversions works. Construction of structures and ancilliary equipment for naval, maritime and fishing sector.

Degima provides its services in various infrastructure projects, working with major construction companies in projects including building construction, bridge construction, metal pipes and environmental facilities.

Degima is very proud to be one of the world’s pioneer manufacturers of some of the first Marine Renewables Devices ever made: Since 2005 has been involved in the construction of leading Wave Energy projects such as Waveport, Wedge, SWEP, OPT PB150; and Offshore Wind platforms or Meteo floating Masts such as…

In 2005 DEGIMA began the Research and Development in order to optimize processes and find solutions that solve welding problems for shipbuilding, maritime industry and marine renewable devices. Check out the latest projects..



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